Thursday, 31 May 2012

Deep Fried

Title: Deep Fried
Author: Bernard Beckett

About: This book is about a boy called Pete and how he is 'Pissed off' and as a result of this he takes it out on his work place called Prince of Burgers (P.Bs) throwing out free food and yelling out from behind the counter and ending up getting take away by the police for his efforts. He then gets expelled from school for tampering with exam papers, which he later finds out was done by a girl called Sophie who is also pissed off and a whole chain of events leads pete to meet Marcus and Lucinda who claim to be there to help him with his academic results, but really they are from P.Bs and are trying to shut him up and stop him from confessing all the research he has about how bad P.Bs food is for peoples health but Pete and Sophie they are able to continuously foil the P.Bs team and eventually brings them down through a reporter from London and Pete is finally able to go back to his normal life.

My View: This book to me was quite good in the way that the story line keeps you interested and makes you want to read on, the offensive language to me was used well it expressess how a pissed off teenager would be and relates to the type of readers they were aiming for so it more interesting and fun to read for me.